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What You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

Your Crown Council Dentist Whitens TeethThere are many considerations that a person should make before committing to teeth whitening. If you decided to get a teeth whitening kit and bleach your teeth yourself, would you be happy if all of your teeth whitened except one? It is important to consult with you cosmetic dentist about tooth whitening because there are many potential obstacles. Here is a small list of possible outcomes:

  • Has your tooth had a root canal performed on it? Root canals can cause a tooth to discolor and, unfortunately, bleaching won’t change that.
  • Do you have exposed roots? These surfaces don’t tend to whiten very effectively. You may need to choose a different cosmetic procedure such as porcelain veneers.
  • Do you have veneers, crowns or bridges? Any of these will not bleach the same as your natural teeth and so you may need to replace these at the end of whitening to make them match.

You smile many times a day. You don’t want to have a glaring defect that you know you’re showing off every time you give a friendly hello. Your cosmetic dentist can help you avoid these issues. You just need to call!

Cosmetic Dentistry Is Right For You

Cosmetic Dentistry Is Right For YouSometimes people are hesitant for change, even when it is a change for the better. The apprehension of change may involve the notion that you are getting by just fine right now and that avoiding change will ensure that things don’t get worse. Do you have something about your smile that bothers you but are afraid for a change? Perhaps you are embarrassed to bring it up with your dentist. By choosing the correct cosmetic dentist you have no need for anxiety in any shape or form. Your local cosmetic dentist will improve your smile and has abundant experience and training to get your smile to the level of beauty that you’re striving for. There are so many procedures that are available to improve you smile.  Here is a list of some of these procedures you may consider:

  • Porcelain Veneers: If you have chipped or deeply stained teeth that are otherwise healthy, veneers are the perfect treatment for you.  They are much more conservative than a full crown but leave you with a dazzling smile that you will be proud to show.
  • Teeth Whitening: This is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to drastically change your smile. Be sure to talk with your dentist about the different whitening options they offer. Some whitening treatments can be done in one office visit.
  • White Fillings: Do you have multiple silver fillings that bother you or make you feel self conscious about your smile? If you do, there are new materials that are tooth colored.  It is a quick and easy way to make your smile look 20 or 30 years younger.

Our smiles are very personal and they are one of the first things we see in the morning when we take time to brush them. If your smile is bothering you and has for some time, it’s time for a change that will leave you more confident about your teeth.

Family Dentistry Is The Key

Family Dentistry Is The KeyBy bringing your entire family to the dentist, you can give your children the great start to a healthy smile they need. However, don’t forget about yourself and your spouse. Losing teeth to decay or periodontitis (gum disease) is not normal if you are taking care of your teeth properly. This means tooth loss can be prevented, but it takes a life time of proper oral hygiene habits and dental visits. So you may be asking yourself why is it so important to visit your family dentist frequently. Here is a list to explain why:

X-rays: Your dentist will take periodic x-rays of your teeth to ensure that there isn’t any decay happening in the unseen areas, such as between the teeth. This will also allow your doctor to detect anything unusual.

Cancer Screenings: Although it is unlikely to have oral cancer (especially if you don’t drink or smoke), it can still happen and can be very deadly if not caught early. Your doctor knows what to look for and can alert you to potential malignancies.

Sealants and Flouride: Did you know that there have been many studies on dental sealants for children proving that sealants greatly decrease childhood decay? Sealants are a thin layer or resin that is placed in the pits of your child’s molars to prevent bacteria from settling there and creating cavities. Flouride is another substance that has been studied greatly and has also greatly decreased cavity occurrence substantially. A twice-yearly fluoride varnish is a great way to prevent cavities and expensive fillings for your child.

Prevention: Your dentist has a lot of knowledge about what can cause dental issues down the road. By visiting frequently they can help you prevent problems or fix them early before they become more expensive and painful to manage. So don’t put off your dental appointment and make sure you’ve seen your dentist at least once in the past 8 months.

White Teeth Equals A Youthful Smile

Tooth Whitening Equals A Youthful SmileOne of the easiest and most affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures is teeth whitening. As we age, our teeth naturally become dull. This is why teeth bleaching can have a youthful effect on patients. Although it is easy to find whitening booths in the mall or OTC bleaching kits, whitening can have adverse effects and patients should talk to their dentist before doing anything to their teeth. There are a myriad of problems that can occur to result in a poor outcome. This can be due to crowns, fillings and even the natural enamel. For best results, discuss the different dental whitening options with your cosmetic dentist. Here are two methods that may be talked about:

Bleaching Trays – If you choose this procedure, your dental office will take an impression of your teeth and then make custom trays that fit snuggly over your teeth. The whitening process will occur over the next couple weeks. Your dentist will give you a schedule for when to wear the trays and he will give you a whitening gel that you place inside during each use. Often, you will wear them over night. One advantage of this method is that the whitening happens gradually so it tends to cause less sensitivity.

In Office Whitening – This is also known as Zoom or laser whitening. The great advantage of this method is speed! You can whiten your teeth by as many as 4-5 shades in one office visit. Your doctor will coat all of your teeth with a hydrogen peroxide solution similar to what is used in the trays but stronger. He will then use a light to speed the reaction. This is fast and efficient and you come out with a bright new smile; however, if you know you have sensitive teeth, then this may not be the procedure for you.

There are many methods to help you obtain the smile you want, even if there are obstacles in the way. Be sure to talk to your cosmetic dentist about your options and he will be sure to lead you on the right path.

Start This Year Out With A Full Set Of Teeth

Year 2014 The Year For Dental ImplantsNow that 2013 is over, do you still have a space where a tooth was extracted? Is food getting caught in the area and you are starting to feel like the teeth next door are drifting into the void? In the past, a missing tooth was a bigger problem because the only solution was either a bridge or a partial removable denture. Both of those options leave much to be desired. The bridge will require the removal of healthy tooth structure and the removable denture is uncomfortable and leaves the remaining teeth at a high risk for developing decay. Don’t worry though! Implant dentistry has been around for a long time now and the success rate of dental implants is very high. Here are some great advantages of dental implants:

Independent From Other Teeth: The success of a bridge is determined by the success of the teeth it is attached to. If one of those teeth gets decay or fractures, then the entire bridge must be replaced. That’s a lot of money down the drain. Dental implants are completely independent from the teeth that surround them.

Most Natural: When you get a dental implant, your doctor will place a titanium screw in jaw bone. Your bone will integrate with the titanium and make a firm anchor. When the crown is placed on the implant, it is the closest thing to a natural tooth that you can receive when replacing missing teeth.

Easy To Clean: A bridge is more challenging to clean. You must thread floss underneath its span and clean the undersurface and the teeth. This can be annoying and is another benefit of a dental implant.  You will floss your dental implant like all your other teeth.

As you add another year to the calendar, why not look into adding another tooth to your beautiful smile. Dental implants are the best option and have been helping patients for years now. Be sure to talk to your dentist to learn more about this wonderful procedure.

Visit You Dentist Frequently To Ensure Your Oral Health

Visit You Dentist Frequently To Ensure Your Oral HealthWhy are your routine dental check-ups so important? Your dentist will tell you that by getting frequent exams, you can avoid many costly procedures in the long run. Not only will it save you money but it can also increase your quality of life by preventing rampant dental disease that can eventually lead to tooth loss – aka denture needs. Here are some problems that routine check-ups with your dentist can prevent:

Root Canals – cavities are caused by bacteria in the mouth. Often, patients have cavities that they don’t know about. Many people believe that if they have a dental issue, they will feel pain. This is true if you want to wait until you need more aggressive and expensive treatment options (i.e. a root canal). However, your dentist can detect early stages of decay and prevent the need for root canals with simple fillings. Sometimes, no dental work is needed at all, just simple fluoride treatments.

Deadly Oral Cancer – Did you know that oral cancer is one of the more deadly forms of cancer? Statistically, only 50% of victims survive for more than five years after diagnosis. Oral cancer is an important malignancy to catch early on. Visiting your dentist regularly will ensure that any unusual growths are detected. If you smoke and consume alcohol, you are at greater risk, so be sure to get checked at least once a year. If you notice any firm growths that lack sensation, be sure to get an oral cancer screening right away.

Gum Disease – By getting a dental cleaning every 6 months to a year, patients can avoid gum disease which can cause the loss of many teeth. This is also a great time to review your oral hygiene habits and determine which areas of your mouth may need more attention.

This is only a short list of the issues and complications that you can prevent by not being a stranger to your dentist.  If you have extreme dental anxiety but know visiting your dentist is important, perhaps sedation dentistry is just the thing for you. Whatever your dental condition is, there is one certainty: you should be visiting your dentist at least once a year.  So be sure to contact them today!