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Dental technology

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Advances in Technology: Crown Council Dentists

As technology continues to develop, new tools become available to the dental industry. And new tools have had a noticeable impact over the last year or so.

Video, for example, is increasingly used in smile design. Dental professionals say it’s a big help to be able to see a smile design patient in casual conversation, before completing the design. That way, they can observe things like how many of the patient’s teeth show as they speak. It also gives insight to subtler details, such as the way light reflects off of the patient’s teeth.

Some dentists now use cloud-based software called Digital Smile Design, or DSD. DSD enables them to work with designers all over the world. A patient in Des Moines can preview a new smile designed by someone in Perth.

More and more dentists are relying on digital impressions in making restorations. Digital impressions have been around for a long time, but an increasing number of professionals are embracing it. One of the main reasons for this is that the technology is improved, leading to better quality and consistency.

3D printing has also become more prevalent in dentistry since the start of 2017. 3D printers are more affordable than they once were, and the industry is responding. The ability to to digitize complete workflows has become a reality for many labs.

As always, Crown Council member dentists stay current on advancements in the dental industry, and are committed to excellence in patient care. All Crown Council members are passionately committed to their work, to continuing education, and to the communities they serve. With the latest technology in general and cosmetic dentistry, you’re always making the right choice with a Crown Council dentist.