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Extreme Smile Makeovers

Have you been dreaming of a smile makeover but thought it was out of your reach? Good news! Your local Crown Council dentist will work with you to achieve a treatment plan that works best for your smile. Smile makeovers are different for every dental patient and may include teeth whitening, dental implants, porcelain veneers or braces. Our dentists offer a range of services for patients of all ages.

During your initial consultation, your Crown Council dentist will discuss the possibilities for your smile and listen to your concerns. While some cosmetic dentistry treatments can be done within a day, you may have to return several times. They will take your time and schedule into consideration when they plan and schedule your dental procedures. Be sure to bring any documents related to your dental history when you go in for your consultation. The more your cosmetic dentist knows about your teeth, the easier it is for them to determine which procedures will work best. Not sure which procedures you might need? Your dentist will offer the most practical aesthetic dentistry advice and won’t take a “hard sell” approach to your needs.

Some of the common issues that a smile makeover treats include cracked or chipped teeth, as well as discolored or missing teeth. Questions? Contact a Crown Council dentist today in your area. We look forward to hearing from you!