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The Facts About Gum Disease

that facts about gum disease

the facts about gum disease

What do you know about your gums and gum disease?

The number of Americans who have periodontitis is a whopping 64.7 percent. Periodontitis is an advanced form of gum disease. 1 That’s half of all adults (over age 30) who have gum disease!

Do you think you might have gum disease? Look for swollen or red gums, tender gums, gums that pull away from teeth, or your teeth feeling loose. Of course, a visit to your Crown Council dentist can tell you the state of your gum health—and what you can do about—right away.

The percent of the country that flosses every day is just 13.5 percent. 2  Brushing and flossing daily is vital to keeping your gums healthy and avoiding the painful consequences of periodontitis.

It was 4,500 years ago that the very first periodontal disease was noted in humans. 3 Scientists recently discovered a mummy over 4,500 years old that showed clear signs of gum disease. So even though dentists haven’t been diagnosing it that long, periodontal disease is as old as the pyramids!

The number of grams you should eat of lactic acid-containing foods every day is 55 grams. 4 A study in the Journal of Periodontology revealed that people who at this much (which is a little less than four tablespoons) per day of foods with lactic acid (think dairy products like yogurt and cheese) had less gum disease than those who skipped their dairy.

A study was released in 2007 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showing that more Americans than ever are keeping their natural teeth these days. 4 That means that gum disease is being taken care of and people are seeking dental treatment to avoid losing teeth or having them extracted. Good news for teeth around the country!

Crown Council dentists offer the full gamut of periodontal services. We screen our patients for gum disease, help them avoid it in the first place, and have a multitude of strategies for treating gum disease when we do encounter it. Use our search tool to find a periodontal specialist near you and set up an appointment to discuss your unique situation and concerns.

As a sampling, many Crown Council dentists offer periodontal maintenance, scaling and root planning, crown lengthening, and osseous surgery. Wonder what we’re talking about? Give your Crown Council periodontal specialist a call today!

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