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Are Cosmetic Dental Treatments Painful?

One of the first questions that some patients ask their cosmetic dentist before a smile enhancing procedure is how much it will hurt. Cosmetic dentists work hard to make cosmetic dentistry treatments a comfortable, pleasant experience for each patient. Some cosmetic dentists offer massage chairs, your choice of music, or a DVD selection to help make your stay more relaxing.

In addition to comfort amenities available in individual cosmetic dental offices, many cosmetic dentists provide sedation dentistry. Dental sedation allows you to feel calm during a dental procedure, and relaxes muscle tension for greater comfort in the dentist chair. In fact, with dental sedation you can leave your appointment with no remembrance of the experience! Ask if your cosmetic dentist is a certified sedation dentist.

New technological advancements such as dental lasers are also making new strides in reducing dental pain. Laser dentistry is generally less invasive and pain reducing than traditional methods. If your cosmetic dentist offers laser dentistry, healing time may be quicker as well.

Ask your cosmetic dentist about sedation dentistry, dental lasers, or any other comfort amenities the office may offer. Your cosmetic dental experience should be as comfortable as possible. To find a cosmetic dentist near you, search for a Crown Council dentist near you.

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