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Ask Your General Dentist About Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is a leading-edge technology that cosmetic and general dentists are using to improve efficiency, comfort, and precision during a variety of dental treatments. Lasers allow a general dentist to treat a highly focused area in the mouth with minimal trauma to surrounding tissue. This new technology is opening up new treatment possibilities, and improving general and restorative procedures including tooth whitening, cavity detection, periodontal treatment, mouth surgery, and tooth restorations. Many patients find that dental laser treatments are less painful and heal more quickly.

Laser dentistry is still a newly emerging dental tool. A qualified general dentist who has been trained in laser dentistry can help you determine whether dental lasers are the best option for your needed treatment. Many patients who experience dental anxiety choose laser dentistry as a successful solution.

How are dental lasers used?

Dental lasers are used with a wide range of general and restorative dental procedures. They are most frequently used with the following treatments, however you should consult with a cosmetic or general dentist trained in laser dentistry to learn about additional options.

Cavity Detection

Root Canal Cleansing

Faster Tooth Whitening

Tooth Restoration Curing (Hardening)

Gum Tissue Reshaping

TMJ Treatment


Tooth Sensitivity Treatment

Periodontal Treatment

What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

The benefits of dental lasers vary based on the dental procedure and the expertise of the general dentist. However, the most commonly reported advantages include the following:

  • ·Require little or no anesthesia (depending on procedure)
  • ·Reduce bleeding
  • ·Control swelling
  • ·Allow greater accuracy and precision
  • ·Reduce trauma in mouth for faster healing
  • ·Often eliminate need for stitches
  • ·Cure restorative materials more quickly
  • ·Minimize postoperative pain

To learn more about the benefits of laser dentistry or general and restorative dental procedures, contact a qualified Crown Council dentist today to schedule an initial consultation.

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