Brighten Your Smile With Teeth Whitening

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Brighten Your Smile With Teeth WhiteningHave you ever thought that it would be nice to whiten your teeth, but felt like it would be too much trouble or expense? The good news is, it’s not. Although in the past teeth bleaching was considered very expensive and cumbersome, advances have occurred and times are different now. You now have different options for brightening your smile. Here is an explanation of the two most effective ways for teeth whitening.

Traditional Bleaching Trays: This is the type of whitening that you are probably already familiar with. If you decide this is the right treatment for you, you will need to visit your dentist’s office. Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and then deliver custom trays that fit over your teeth perfectly. Your dentist will then provide a special gel composed of a whitening agent. You will fill your trays and wear them according to the schedule your doctor decides is appropriate. An advantage to this method is that you can whiten at a slower rate and with a lower concentration if your teeth are prone to sensitivity.

Opalescence® Whitening: Opalescence has been the leading teeth whitener for more than twenty-five years. It contains powerful whiteners that penetrate tooth enamel to remove even the deepest stains. When the procedure is over you are left with a smile brighter than you could have imagined!

It’s never too late to get those coffee and age stains erased. Make sure that you choose a dentist that has experience in cosmetic dentistry procedures for the best possible outcomes.