Clinic Days 4-7, Dominican Trip Nov 2010 – post 5 of 5

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We set up clinics each day in a different community.

Each day we were in a church and had the luxury of all being in the same room (apart from the last day when the hygienists worked outside under a tarp). The joys of working in the DR! It rained on and off these days, which made for really pleasant weather. As well as being joined by a handful of Dominican dentists and hygienists, we were also joined by Vicky Vale, the co-founder of Esperanza and her friends Maria and Stephanie. Maria and Vicky were such a huge help with translating and Steph helped up front with crowd control and filling the seats. We couldn’t have imagined going through that week without them. They began a vital part of the group and could connect with the people on a deeper level. We are so grateful they came!

The photos used in the video above can be seen >HERE.