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Dental Implants Are Perfect For Dentures

Dental Implants Are Perfect For DenturesDentures that are unstable are very common. They cause interferences with speech, mouth sores and often embarrassment. There is a better way now because dental implants have become very successful. There  are many options with dental implant placement and many patients have discovered how stable and comfortable their dentures have become with dental implant anchors.

A common perception is that dental implants are far to expensive to replace every single tooth in my mouth so those with dentures don’t consider this option, but there are methods by which a dental implant dentist can anchor  a denture with just 4 implants. This procedure is better known as All-On-4. Although dental implants are currently the best replacement to real teeth available, there are some reason why you may not be a candidate:

  • Visit with your dental implant dentist so he can assess what options you have available to you.
  • There must be enough bone density and mass to place a dental implant. If you do not have sufficient amounts you may need a bone graft before you get an implant placed.
  • Grinding your teeth is also a habit that can increase failure rate of dental implants. Make sure to discuss this with your dentist
  • If you are inconsistent with oral hygiene practices then you may want to address that before you spend the money on this procedure because this too can cause an increase of implant failure.
  • Poor overall health can slow or prevent cosmetic dental implant healing (Smoking, Alcohol, and diabetes have been shown to decrease success)

Ensure that you find an experienced dental implant dentist for best results and lowest failure rates.

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