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Restoring More Than Your Lost Teeth

If you have lost a tooth, your first concern was likely your changed appearance. Having a gap in your smile can create feelings of embarrassment or self-consciousness. As you begin looking for a tooth replacement, it is important to first understand the many roles that your tooth performs so that you can find a replacement that restores both appearance and functionality. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement that fulfills all of the roles of a tooth and tooth root for a long-lasting solution.

While it’s not visible, your tooth root is one of the most important parts of your tooth. Your tooth root anchors your tooth to the jawbone for chewing support, and stimulates the jawbone and gums to keep them strong. When you lose a tooth and don’t replace it, the bone and gums begin to weaken and recede without this stimulation. Further tooth loss, periodontal disease, face shape alteration, and other oral health issues can quickly occur. When you visit a dental implants dentist, you will learn that dental implants replace the function of the tooth root by naturally fusing with the jawbone to create stimulation and chewing support.

Your tooth root supports your tooth above, which plays several important roles in eating, talking, and smiling each day. You don’t need a dental implants dentist to tell you that losing teeth can affect your ability to eat firmer foods and talk clearly. Have you ever heard a child speak who has lost one or more teeth? Without a tooth or dental implant replacement, your remaining teeth will start drifting out of alignment into the tooth gap, causing oral health problems and bite issues. Your dental implant dentist can help you find a natural looking, durable tooth replacement in the form of a dental crown, implant-supported dental bridge, or implant-supported dentures.

When you visit with a dental implants dentist to discuss tooth replacement possibilities, consider the importance of replacing the whole tooth—not just the appearance. While a fixed bridge or traditional dentures temporarily restore the look of your tooth and some adequate chewing support, they cannot prevent bone deterioration and don’t replace the tooth root. To learn more about the long-lasting benefits of dental implants, find a dental implant dentist using our Crown Council dentist locator above.

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