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Tips On Successful Dental Implants

Dental Implant DentistIf you are missing a tooth anywhere in the mouth, or if you’ve lost all of them and are now wearing dentures, dental implants might be what you need in order to bring back the smile you want. If you’re young and missing a tooth, it’s embarrassing to have a partial denture that you remove; if you are older and have dentures, it is also embarrassing to have unstable dentures in your mouth that can fall out. Getting a tooth implant can solve most of these problems; however, there are limitations to implants. For instance, a child should not have an implant placed until after they have completely stopped growing. Here is a list of certain characteristics of a mouth that give greater chances of success with implants:

* Jawbone Support: The jawbone must be substantial and strong enough to support the dental implant.

* Good Dental Hygiene: Past cases show that patients who regularly floss, brush, and take good care of their teeth have higher success rates with their dental implants.

* Dentures: Patients looking for an alternative to dentures or wanting to replace most or all of their teeth are excellent implant dentistry candidates.

* Overall Health: Good overall health contributes to implant dentistry success.

The most important step when making this important decision is to have a consultation with a qualified and experienced dental implant dentist to help guide you in the right direction of making the best choice for your mouth. This will prevent you from making hasty and undesirable choices.

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