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Travel and Sightseeing Day – Dominican Trip Nov 2010 – post 4 of 5

Sunday Was More Of A Travel Day

Sunday is always a much needed rest day! Many are sad to have missed daylight savings in America as that is one of the best weekends of the year, but thankfully the events of today more than made up for it. A group of us went to church this morning and to the LDS temple afterwards. The temperature was perfect and the scenery even better. Others had the morning off to walk around the city and sleep in. At 11:15 we reconvened and started the drive to Samana, the next part of the country we stayed and worked in. We ate lunch at the most delicious restaurant, Boca Marina. I had every intention of taking pictures of the dishes, but when mine arrived I completely forgot and dove into my fajitas immediately. THE BEST FAJITAS I HAVE EVER HAD! It was a piece of heaven on my plate. Muy Rico! Below are a few pictures we took on the pier, another exciting part of the lunch.

Everyone got up in the morning and either went sightseeing or to the church of their choice. Then around 11:00 it was on the road for a four hour drive up North to the beautiful city of Samana. Halfway through the ride the group stopped at a restaurant in a little town called Boca Chica. It is a beautiful outdoor restaurant that sits on a pier. They enjoyed a nice lunch and headed on to their destination. Today the group was also joined by 5 Dominican Dentists and 1 Hygienist. Dru said their group loves them and has gotten along with them so well. Throughout this week the Doctors that came from the States take a turn and help train the Dominican Dentists. It is always a nice break for them and the Dentists love it. Once they got to Hotel Tambora in Samana they rested and went to bed early to start the week. The city of Samana is so beautiful. It is very green and looks like Hawaii with the palm trees and regular trees everywhere.

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