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Am I a Candidate For Cosmetic Dental Services?

COSMETIC DENTISTRY LOOKS BEYOND ORAL HEALTH AND TOOTH FUNCTIONALITY TO ADDITIONALLY FOCUS ON THE AESTHETIC APPEARANCE OF YOUR SMILE. Besides enhancing physical appearance, cosmetic dentists* improve smiles so they can improve lives. Your smile is a key facial feature that stands out whenever you are talking, eating, laughing, or meeting someone new. Because your teeth are continually exposed, their appearance can affect your social confidence and how others initially perceive you. First impressions can make a huge difference in a job interview, public speaking opportunity, or networking. Because a smile can express so much about your personality and self-assurance, you want a smile that will put your best self forward.
Cosmetic dental services can improve your smile and your life

Whether you want to lighten your teeth a few shades or reconstruct the entire shape and look of your smile, cosmetic dental services offer wide-ranging solutions. When extensive work is needed, cosmetic dentists can coordinate combinations of cosmetic dental services in a smile makeover that results in a beautiful new smile.

Your Crown Council cosmetic dentist will need to assess the strength and condition of your teeth to determine which procedures will work best for you. Together you can then work out which cosmetic dental services will best accomplish the goals and desires you have for your smile and your budget.

You may be in need of cosmetic dental services if you experience any of the following:

• Frequent covering of mouth when you speak or smile
• Difficulty chewing because of damaged teeth
• Broken, chipped, or cracked teeth
• Misaligned or crooked teeth
• Tooth discoloration or stains
• Misshaped or sharp teeth
• Worn or eroding teeth
• Speech difficulties because of missing teeth
• Missing teeth or large tooth gaps
• Dissatisfaction with any aspect of your smile

To learn more about how cosmetic dental services can benefit your smile, contact a Crown Council member dentist. Crown Council member dentists maintain high standards of care and have undergone training on advanced techniques in cosmetic dentistry.

*The American Dental Association does not recognize cosmetic dentistry as a specialty area.

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