Why Visit A Sedation Dentist?

Why visit a sedation dentist and what is dental sedation?
HAVE YOU BEEN AVOIDING THE DENTIST? DOES THE THOUGHT OF THE DENTIST CHAIR FILL YOU WITH ANXIETY OR FEAR? Well, you are not alone. Several research studies point to dental fear and anxiety as one of the primary reasons that people avoid visits to the dentist. Other reasons may include time constraints or discomfort from physical limitations. Unfortunately, neglecting your oral health or needed dental treatments can create serious health issues that require more extensive treatments in the future.

Visiting a sedation dentist allows you to receive dental care more efficiently while being relaxed, comfortable, and calm. Different from anesthesia, which numbs pain during a dental procedure, sedation dentistry uses a medication that simultaneously works as an anti-anxiety medication and a sedative to help you feel at ease and worry-free.

A sedation dentist can administer different levels of dental sedation—mild to moderate to deep sedation. To learn more about the different types of dental sedation, visit the Sedation Dentistry Services page. The type of sedation medication administered to you will be chosen based on your medical background and needs.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry:

Safety: Dental sedation is extremely safe because you remain somewhat conscious, breathe independently, and you can still respond to physical or verbal cues during the procedure. Natural reflexes operate normally so that you can communicate any pain to the sedation dentist. Dental sedation can also reduce the risk of other medical conditions occurring during the procedure (heart problems, stroke, etc.) because of your lowered stress level.

Time Efficiency: Many patients put off extensive dental work because they can’t fit multiple visits into their schedule. Using dental sedation, your sedation dentist may be able to complete the needed treatments in one or two long visits. Because of the amnesia effect of the sedation medication, many patients feel like the procedure has been a few minutes—even if it has taken hours!

Comfort: If you struggle to sit for long periods of time, dental sedation can relax sore neck or back muscles for a more comfortable experience. As anxiety and fear are reduced, physical comfort is accompanied by mental and emotional ease.

Amnesia Effect: Most of the dental sedation medications create a temporary amnesia effect, to ensure that you remember little if anything of your dental visit. While your sedation dentist will strive to make your experience as pleasant as possible, many patients prefer to block out the memory of their visit completely.

High Quality Dental Care: Because dental sedation keeps you still and relaxed for a long period of time, it allows your sedation dentist to work more quickly and effectively.

Less Pain: While dental sedation medications do not contain a pain-numbing agent, your pain tolerance should naturally increase once your anxiety decreases. However, your sedation dentist may still administer local anesthetic after you have been sedated to ensure additional comfort.

When to Use Dental Sedation

Whether or not you struggle with dental fear, sedation dentistry has a wide variety of benefits that ensure a calm and relaxed dental experience for almost any patient. The best way to determine whether sedation dentistry is for you is to visit with an experienced sedation dentist. You can visit the Am I a Candidate for Dental Sedation page to see the most common conditions that accompany dental sedation.

Choosing a Sedation Dentist

A sedation dentist is required to undergo special training and certification before being able to administer dental sedation to patients. Visit the page on How to Choose a Sedation Dentist to learn more about what to look for in a highly qualified sedation dentist.

Find A Crown Council Sedation Dentist Near You

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