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Your Comfort

Dental comfort may be high on your priority list if you have a fear of the dentist
YOU MAY THINK THAT “DENTAL COMFORT” REFERS ONLY TO SOFT NECK PILLOWS, A COMPLIMENTARY WATER BOTTLE, OR A MODERN, CUSHY DENTAL CHAIR. Well, yes, most Crown Council dentists have variations of these types of amenities. But what we’re really talking about is your “dental comfort level” with dentistry—and with a Crown Council dentist.

Did you know that 50% of Americans don’t regularly visit the dentist? Surprised? Most people are. But, the answer to the question “why?” is actually quite simple… each of these people has one or more “discomfort levels” with dentistry.

For some, there is a fear of the dentist. Others are embarrassed, or afraid to confront the scope of long-time neglect. Some people are worried about the cost. Others worry that their dentist will ‘over prescribe” treatment they don’t really want or need. Occasionally, we’ll meet someone that had a bad experience as a child, then resolved as an adult to never see a dentist again. Some people are even worried about the sterility of dental tools. And finally, many people just have anxiety about making the right choice when choosing a dentist!

Crown council dentists understand these concerns and fears and that’s one of the things that makes their practices so different from every prior experience you’ve had with dentistry. If you’re among the 50% that hasn’t regularly seen your dentist, please take a moment to find your “discomfort barrier” below and learn why a Crown Council dentist is the right dentist for you and your family.

“I’m afraid it will hurt”
Simply said, it wont . It isn’t like the “good ol’ days.” Modern advancements have all but eliminated pain from the dental care equation. From “painless” injection technology to varied levels of sedation techniques, patients comfort has come of age. As a patient of a Crown Council member dental practice, you’ll quickly see that this fear will become a non issue for you.

“I’ll be embarrassed.”
Can we be candid? Thanks. Everybody has their own unique set of things that they ignore, postpone, avoid and procrastinate. It’s OK. Crown Council dentists aren’t perfect either, and the last thing any of them would dream of doing is to make someone feel guilty for not better caring for their teeth. It’s just not part of our nature or our organization’s culture. So put that fear out of your mind and rest assured that regardless of the scope of neglect at a Crown Council practice, you’re among non-judgmental friends.

“I can’t afford dentistry.”
Yes, we hear this one a lot. Two thoughts…

First, have you ever considered the “cost of neglect” compared to the “cost of maintenance”? Every time you have the oil changed in your vehicle you demonstrate prudence, knowing that a few dollars regularly spent maintaining will avoid huge expenses down the road. The same principle applies to dentistry. While a routine exam, cleaning, and tiny white filling may pinch your budget a little bit this month. It will save hundreds or even thousands fixing major problems such as root canals, gum disease or lost teeth. M. Mom was right… An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.

Second…We all do it…it’s human nature. We find the money to spend when there is a perceived value in the purchase. It isn’t that dentistry is expensive. it’s that some people struggle seeing the value. Sometimes it’s easier to spend $8– on a television than on a rotting tooth, especially if that tooth doesn’t hurt too bad yet. You’re smarter than that. One of the goals of every Crown Council practice over the lifetime of every patient relationship is to help people see, feel and internalize the value of the competent oral health care. It isn’t about the dentist trying to ”talk you into something.” It’s about you coming to your own conclusions about your oral health and appearance. Crown council dentists find that when people reach their own conclusion, as nearly all patients do, the expression moves from “I can’t afford a great dentist” to “I can’t afford NOT to have a great dentist”.

“I’ll be pressured into treatments I don’t want or need.”
It just doesn’t happen. Period. Its not part of the Crown Council culture.

“I might choose the ‘wrong’ dentist.
Surprisingly, a recent national survey concluded that many people experience MORE anxiety over choosing a dentist than they experience going to the a dentist. If you’re one of those people, that’s probably why you’re still reading all the fine print on this site. Experience peace of mind knowing that, by choosing a Crown council dentist, you’ve chosen a practice that actually thinks these concerns through from YOUR perspective. It’s unique. It’s another reason why you don’t need to worry about making a wrong choice when choosing a dentist. You’re about ready to choose the right one.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said,
“… let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

And while FDR was referring to the depths of the great depression, his words ring true today as applied to your dental health care decision. You CAN be comfortable with your dentist. You WILL feel a profound sense of trust and confidence that you’ve made the right choice the first time you visit a Crown Council practice and shake hands with each team member.Now, find a Crown Council dentist near you and make an appointment today. With a Crown Council dentist, your dental comfort level can be raised to new heights.

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